Why B.C. Cannabis

There’s a reason why B.C. bud carries a reputation

B.C. cannabis is world-renowned for its quality. Because of our temperate rainforest, we’re surrounded by vegetation that provides optimal conditions for growing cannabis year-round. This means we’re attuned to reading patterns of growth and seasonality.

The result is pure, potent cannabis you can’t find anywhere else.

Our Process

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Our genetic catalogue of 74 unique cultivars are all new to the recreational market. First developed for medical purposes and now approved by Health Canada, we are now slowly making them available for all customers.
Each cannabis plant is flowered under high pressure sodium lighting and bedded in rich organic soil medium.
Our drying process consists of hanging whole plants in the dark over a 21 day period.
Our product is meticulously cultivated and hand trimmed to guarantee a premium quality craft flower.
A two week slow cure of the hand trimmed flower is then carried out to preserve terpenes, develop flavour, and ensure a high quality smoke.

About Dunn Cannabis

Expert Cultivation.
Premium Product.

Dunn Cannabis was founded in 2018 by Robert Logan Dunn, with a vision to bring an experience to the recreational cannabis market that hadn’t yet been seen in this new industry.

To achieve this vision we built our company on a foundation of three simple concepts: expert cultivation, small-batch production, and a premium product. This has allowed our team of growers to craft in-house strains found nowhere else, elevating the standard of cannabis production across Canada.

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